• Good Quality Automatic Touchless Car Wash Machine
  • Good Quality Automatic Touchless Car Wash Machine
  • Good Quality Automatic Touchless Car Wash Machine
  • Good Quality Automatic Touchless Car Wash Machine
  • Good Quality Automatic Touchless Car Wash Machine
  • Good Quality Automatic Touchless Car Wash Machine

Good Quality Automatic Touchless Car Wash Machine

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Warranty: 3year
Type: Self-Service
US$ 12000/Set 1 Set(Min.Order)
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Good Quality Automatic Touchless Car Wash Machine pictures & photos
Good Quality Automatic Touchless Car Wash Machine
US $8,000-15,000 / Set
Min. Order: 1 Set
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Basement Parking
Cleaning Process
Cold Water Cleaning
Residue Free
Micro High Pressure Water Cleaning, High Power Vacuum, Ozone Disinfection, Aerate, Polishing Wax, The Car Dry Cleaning, Entada Phaseoloides Ignition, Led Light Illumination
Main Market
Southeast Asia
Place of Origin
Shandong, China
Output Power
Brand Name
Boyou Ae
Place of Origintshandong, China Output P
Shandong, China
Equipment Moving Speed
10.5 Meter/Min
Air Pressure
Shampoo Consumption
Water Wax Consumption
Wash for
Cars, Mini Bus, Pickup, SUV, MVP
Power Consumption
0.5 Kwh/Car
Transport Package
Weifang. Shandong
HS Code
Production Capacity

Packaging & Delivery

Package Size
380.00cm * 55.00cm * 73.00cm
Package Gross Weight

Product Description

Good Quality Automatic Touchless Car Wash Machine
Main features.

1.Intelligent unmanned system, self-service card payment system.
2.Smart 360 Technology.
3.Intelligent chemical system.
4.Innovative Suspension System Drag Free Guide .
5.Unique embedded fast drying system .
6.Digital voice security alarm system .
7.Fault self-test system .
8. Own Antifreeze System
Good Quality Automatic Touchless Car Wash Machine

-- Touch free automatic cleaning, to avoid scratches, no avoid damage. 
-- 360 ° rotary nozzle design, 90 kg / cm2 high pressure washing, the best washing performance. 
-- Ultrasonic testing, excellent safety. PLC programming and touch screen operating system, greatly saving labor and time.
-- Beautiful structure, stable performance and space saving. 
-- Stainless steel material, corrosion resistance, long service life, saving maintenance costs.
Good Quality Automatic Touchless Car Wash MachineGood Quality Automatic Touchless Car Wash MachineGood Quality Automatic Touchless Car Wash Machine

Good Quality Automatic Touchless Car Wash Machine
Basic equipment parameters
Project Description Basic parameters Mode configuration Standard √
Optional O
 Car washing machine outer frame installation size requirements Standard mode
Frame mounting length 6500mm~7500mm  Precision mode
Frame mounting width        ≥3600mm Chassis flush
Frame mounting height ≥3000mm Rotating smart flush
High pressure pump and dosing pump integrated station power Tire washing
High pressure piston pump and motor power 15kw~22kw Car wash spray
 Car wash liquid pump 40W Coated water wax spray
Coated water wax plus liquid pump 40W  Spray high foam shampoo
Pic central processor 80W LED prompt guidance
Man-machine control panel 80W Statistics of car washing times
Operating system power  Fault self-test
Longitudinal stepless variable frequency motor 500W Antifreeze automatic emptying
 Lateral servo motor 750W Automatic standby
Cantilever drive servo motor 750W Remote control
 Average energy consumption breakdown Smart card payment O
Chassis flushing water 28L/vehicle WeChat payment O
 Vehicle washing water 100-150L/vehicle                 Air compressor O
Crystal was consumption 20ml-40ml/vehicle    
Magic shampoo consumption 50ml-100ml/vehicle    
Overglow shampoo consumption 70ml-100ml/vehicle    
time consuming    
Rinse speed 28S/vehicle    
Soft water film wax 30S/vehicle    
Magic shampoo glazing 30S/vehicle    
Over glow Hi-gloss 30S/vehicle    
Air drying 50S/vehicle    
Electricity consumption 1.5-1.8KWH/Vehicle    
Company Profile
Shandong Boyou Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing and selling China's automatic car washing machine. The company is located in Zhucheng Economic Development Zone, Shandong Province, with beautiful scenery and developed traffic. Our company is the development and manufacture of leading automatic car washing machine. It has won the favor of customers with its unique structure, beautiful appearance, excellent production and advanced technology. The company is committed to technology upgrading, improve the function and quality of products, the first through the ISO 9001 international quality management system certification, with a number of invention patents, welcomed by customers. The company has professional and technical personnel, engineers and sales and after-sales service personnel, forming a high-quality young, highly innovativeteam spirit. The company has always been "people-oriented, leading technology, integrity management, create a well-known brand" for the purpose, as always, to provide customers with reliable products, improve services, common development, and create success.
In today's increasingly competitive market, we take scientific research as the guide, technology as the guarantee, quality as the foundation, and perfect after-sales service as the guarantee to provide customers with better products and services. The company is willing to work with people from all walks of life to provide technical advice, planning, design, all over the friends came to discuss cooperation.
Good Quality Automatic Touchless Car Wash Machine

Good Quality Automatic Touchless Car Wash Machine
Good Quality Automatic Touchless Car Wash Machine
Common problem
1.What is the size of the Washing workshop required to install BOYOUWASH (length × width × height)?
BOYOU S360 PRO:7500×4400×3100mm
BOYOU S360:7500×3600×3100mm
BOYOU S6 :7000×3600×3000mm
2. How long does it take to completely clean BOYOU S360 PRO?
It takes about 28 seconds for BOYOU S360 PRO to run in a circle. It takes about 5 minutes to completely clean with high-pressure water spray, wax, foam and air drying.
3. What is the effect of air drying?
Designed with the principle of air fluid mechanics, the drying of long-distance high-pressure cylinders can be achieved, which can achieve 90% drying effect. The safety stability is much better than the profile air drying in the brushing machine.
4. How much does it cost to wash a car?
For example, in our city of Shanghai, the water and electricity cost of a car is about 1.5 yuan, and the cost of chemicals is about 1 yuan, a total of 2.5 yuan equals 0.45 dollars.
5. What is the difference between BOYOU S360 and 360 plus and BOYOU S6?
KOLON 350 is the concept for fast car wash. The standard 350 machine has no polishing shampoo for 360 plus, water wax and air drying function, only high pressure water and pre-soaking chemicals. At the same time, the size of the machine is 360 plus, BOYOU S360 PRO can be washed. Some large size cars, while the 350 may not wash. S6 and BOYOU S360 have similar functions, but the structure is different and the price is more competitive, which can reduce operating costs for customers.
6. Which size car can BOYOUWASH apply for (length × width × height)?
BOYOU S360 PRO maximum car wash size: 5900 × 2900 × 2050mm
BOYOU S360 maximum car wash size: 5600 × 2600 × 2050mm
S6 maximum car wash size: 5500 × 2600 × 2000mm
7. What power is needed to run BOYOUWASH?
BOYOUWASH car washing machine requires three-phase industrial power supply. In China, the standard is 380V / 50Hz. If customers need different voltage or frequency, we must customize the Siemens motor and replace the fan, low voltage cable, control unit, etc.
8. How to install and service BOYOUWASH?
*If you have an exclusive distributor in your area, you will need to purchase the product from the distributor, who will support your installation, training and after-sales service.
*If you can't find a distributor in your area, we can send a technician to support your installation and training, but the travel expenses should be borne by the customer, including visa fees, airfare, hotel fees with restaurants, and customer needs. Pay technicians salary of USD100 / day.
*Customers can install the machine themselves and we will send a detailed installation and maintenance manual with the machine.
9. How to become a distributor?
BOYOUWASH's marketing strategy is to establish distributors in each country. (Some big countries will be established by region)
*For regular publishers who do not have exclusive rights, we have no special conditions.
*If you want to apply for exclusive distribution rights in your country, the first step is to purchase a demonstration machine to show to customers there, and we need to reach an agreement with the minimum order quantity each year.
10. What do I need to prepare before installing the machine?
* Three-phase industrial power supply, 25Kw.
* Water supply with water tank. (2000 liters)
* An air compressor with an air volume greater than 0.67 m3/min provides a stable air pressure greater than 0.8 MPa.
* Floor cement thickness needs to be greater than 20cm. If it is not enough, it is necessary to make six concrete columns to install the support frame. The floor level error is less than 3cm.
* 2 scaffolding
* 1 electric hammer, configured as 10, 14, 16 each.
*1 welding machine
* Polishing machine 1
*Infrared level 1
* Thick linen is 10 meters.
11. What is the warranty for BOYOUWASH?
We offer a 3-year extended warranty on the complete machine (including all spare parts). During the warranty period, if any part fails, we will compensate the new parts for free, but the warranty does not include the courier fee. Typically, we will ask the customer to keep some spare parts for machine maintenance, and the compensation spare parts will be sent together at the next shipment, or sent in a cheaper way, but not DHL.
At the same time, the warranty is void under any of the following conditions:
* Failure to follow directions or under abnormal conditions may result in personal injury or operating the machine.
* Damage caused by force majeure, such as war, flood, earthquake, lightning strike, abnormal voltage.
12. What is the transport volume of BOYOUWASH?
*BOYOU360 plus: solid wood composite box for mainframe: 3660×1410×1255mm, solid wood composite box for pump system: 1350×890×640mm, solid wood composite box for mixing system: 1490 ×500×1000mm, guide rail: 2 (7.5 m), Frame: 13 with a total transport weight of approximately 2600 kgs and a total transport capacity of approximately 11 cubic meters.
*BOYOU S360 : plywood box for mainframe: 3160×1265×1255mm, plywood box for pump system: 1330×775×590mm, guide rail: 2 (7.0 m), frame: 13 pieces, total transportation weight about 1500kgs, total transportation volume 9 cubic meters.
Since the 7.5 m rail is longer than the 20' Ft container, our machines need to be transported in 40' Ft containers.
13. How to transport and how much?
We will ship the container to the destination port by ship. The transportation condition can be EXW, FOB or CIF. The average transportation cost of one machine is about USD500~1000, depending on the distance from the destination port. (Send the port to Shanghai)
14. What is the lead time of BOYOUNWASH?
If the customer requests the same as the Chinese standard three-phase industrial voltage 380V / 50Hz, we can provide fast delivery within 7~10 days. If it is different from the Chinese standard, the delivery schedule will be extended by 30 days.

Service and Maintenance
1. The maintenance and maintenance of the BOYOUNWASH system should be carried out by professional technicians. The machine should be cut off during maintenance. The factory-set management code is 8888, which has the ability to modify parameters, view the number of car washes, and change passwords. The default password of the cleaning system is 0, which can be changed to other passwords such as 12345. Then the operator needs to enter the management center first and enter the password 12345 before starting the operation.
2. Place the main control box and touch screen in a dry environment. Do not touch these devices with wet hands. Keep the chemical mixing box and the water pump box in contact in a dry environment. Before turning on the power, make sure that the main control box voltage display is stable and consistent.
3. Regularly maintain and maintain the cleaning system, periodically clean the surface of the machine, remove dirt from the sensor, and remove water from the drive control box. Wash the water tank when it gets dirty, especially the inlet filter of the water pipe. It is strictly forbidden to start flushing when the water tank is short of water. First, use the chassis to discharge air. Do not use the "L" arm flushing device to discharge air.
4. During the idle period of the car wash equipment, the waste water in the pipeline and the water tank must close the inlet valve of the chemical mixing system when the temperature is below zero, then shut down the machine, use the one-button drainage function to discharge the liquid in the machine pipe, and then open the discharge. Valve to prevent condensate from draining. Do not start the machine after freezing, otherwise the pump and motor will be damaged.
5. Add cleaning agent in time. If the air enters the hose, the cleaning agent will not be sprayed to prevent impurities from falling into the cleaning liquid tank and the water tank. Otherwise, the chemical mixing box may be stuck.
6. The air compressor needs to install the oil-water separator. The water is discharged once every 15 days in the compressor. The air supply to the cleaning system should not contain a lot of water and oil. Otherwise, the air will be insufficient during the chemical spraying process. Use heavy alkaline water (pH > 8) or high salt water.
7. Check the motor belt of the pump and pump every 30 days. If the belt fluctuates too much, tighten the belt to ensure the parallelism when the belt is tensioned. Clean the water pump filter regularly. Change the oil in the pump regularly (every 5000 units) or when the oil is dirty. More than half of the oil is not satisfied, Taiwan's Wuli WH-10120 pump uses 30, 40 or 68 oil (2.36L), Germany Pinfl pump uses 220 shell gear oil (3.3 L)
8. Check the timing belt every 30 days. If the timing belt is found to be biased and loose, tighten it immediately, otherwise the machine will jump due to the grinding sound.
9. Check the terminals in the electrical cabinet every 30 days, especially the terminals of the water pump and fan power cable, and the terminals in the drive control box (because it moves around every day). If it is loose, tighten it. This will ensure the stable operation of the power system.
10. Check the frame screws and rail fixing screws every 90 days and check the handwheel every six months.

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From payment to delivery, we protect your trading.
Good Quality Automatic Touchless Car Wash Machine pictures & photos
Good Quality Automatic Touchless Car Wash Machine
US $8,000-15,000 / Set
Min. Order: 1 Set
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